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Creating a social impact in Africa

In our shop and Tree Profit Calculator, you can buy trees and Donation Packages from Norwegian company Better Globe AS. These two socially responsible and sustainable products are the only two products we sell in our online shop.
Donation Packages and trees from Better Globe give you substantial financial returns from trees. At the same time, these green products support the environment and help to counter extreme poverty in Africa. We are, therefore, confident when we say; this is the greenest way you can earn a profit.

How does it work


You become a customer with Norwegian company Better Globe AS with us. You get access to all benefits from Better Globe and can earn bonus trees from us.


Your trees are planted by Better Globe Forestry in East Africa’s drylands to counter extreme poverty. Each Donation Package also includes two trees you profit from.


Trees and water are donated from the Donation Package to poor farmers together with support for children’s education and community-owned microfinance banks.


At the end of the 5th year you get the first payout from Moringa trees. Each tree you own pays 15 percent return, or €2.55, per year from the 5th through the 19th year.


At the end of year 20, ownership ends and you get 10 times the retail price (€170) per tree. This last profit payment comes from sustainable hardwood products.


Each tree you buy absorbs 500 kilos of CO2 and helps turn drylands into green and fertile lands. Sustainable hardwood production also counters tropical deforestation.

Become a tree investor

Why make impact investments in trees?

The incredible fact about trees, compared to most other investments, is that trees can grow in size and value daily. Gold, for example, is well known among investors for being a hedge against inflation.Gold can also increase in value, but certainly not daily. Trees do grow in value every day. And that is without being exposed to the many uncertainties facing investors in the stock markets.
Besides the possibilities of phenomenal financial gains over time, trees also offer incredible social and environmental benefits, at least in the case of Better Globe. The company sells tropical hardwood trees that are grown in such a way that they regenerate arid and semi-arid lands while helping the people who live there.
The Donation Package offers smallholder farming families in East Africa job and income opportunities, microloans from community-owned microfinance banks, support for children's education, assistance through water-related projects, and a lot more. And customers who buy it get two trees they profit from, so you get to help people in a way that is sustainable for your economy.
Better Globe AS is responsible for selling trees and Donation Packages to tens of thousands of customers worldwide. But it is Better Globe Forestry Ltd. (BGF) that plants the trees and takes care of them for you in Kenya's drylands. BGF is among the most respected forestry companies in Africa and is expected to become the largest mahogany producer in the world within the next few years.
With us, you can make your first purchase from Better Globe today. By doing so, you get to take part in a unique solution that mixes crowdfunding, socially responsible investments, and social entrepreneurship to counter extreme poverty in Africa.

Circular economy

What types of companies do you want to support?

Better Globe is a social enterprise that has included caring for the environment and reducing poverty and corruption as part of their business goals. The products they sell are 100 percent socially responsible and may even help counter tropical deforestation in the future.
It is rare to come across a group of companies that benefits everyone involved, including the customers and the environment. In a business world that seems to revolve around a never-ending drive for profits, and almost nothing else, we find Better Globe a spectacularly refreshing alternative. We hope you feel the same way and that you will join the effort together with us.
With Better Globe, you can take part in the circular economy and the type of solutions we all need to create a better future. To become a customer and make a difference, you only need €17 to buy your first tree. Read about our products or visit our online shop and Tree Profit Calculator to learn more.

Green business opportunity

Make a decision you will never regret

We hope that you recognize this unique opportunity to make a profit in a way that also makes a significant difference for the world we live in and underprivileged farming communities.
When Better Globe started in 2006, I was one of the first to become a customer and product ambassador. In 2011, I visited BGF's tree plantations in Kenya, and I saw the schools in Uganda supported through Child Africa International and the Better Globe Donation Package. The company has had more than 150 customers and Better Globe Ambassadors who have been on these annual trips over the years. And one thing we can all say for sure after what we have seen; Better Globe AS is one of the best companies you can support.
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Make a decision you will never regret


The greenest way you can earn a profit
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