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Welcome to a unique and safe shopping experience specially created to introduce new customers to Norwegian company Better Globe AS. Make your first purchase today, and earn bonus trees from us starting from ten trees and one Donation Package. See conditions for more information.

Make a purchase below to contribute to a sustainable future with less extreme poverty in Africa. Plan your financial returns and generate a green and ethical passive income with Better Globe for the years to come.
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Cost (€)
Total profit
(Yearly compound interest %)
  • Trees planted
  • You profit from trees
Yearly payout 2025 - 2039 x 15
Last payment year 2040

Your environmental impact
Total CO2 offset kg

Donated to poor communities
Tree seedlings  
Water assistance L
Microfinance funds
Children's education

  Tree(s) DP trees
Cost per Better Globe product
(Total trees planted , you profit from trees)
Cashback paid from year 2025 to 2039
(Annual buyback returns, 15% or € per tree)
Cashback paid for timber in year 2040
(Last buyback return, 10 x € x trees)
Total return per Better Globe product
(Sum of all cashback payments)
Profit per product in this order
(All cashback minus costs)
co2 free sealYour carbon offset
Trees kg
Donation Packages kg
Total CO2 offset kg
co2 free sealDonated to poor communities
Tree seedlings  
Water assistance L
Microfinance funds
Children's education
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What happens when you make a purchase?

1. You make your first purchase online in our safe environment with the same prices, security and benefits as you find on the official Better Globe website.
2. You get order confirmation and welcome emails from Better Globe with login details for your customer account at the official Better Globe website.
3. You get a confirmation email from us within 24 hours and a notification about any bonus trees you may be eligible to receive from us.
4. You are now associated with us and will receive customer support and access to some surprise benefits as specified in our welcome email.
5. You can access your customer account online and see the value forecast for your trees and even set up or adjust your recurring purchase schedule.
6. You make any new purchases directly from your Better Globe customer account on the official website.Our shop is reserved for new customers only.

Where does the money come from?

When you accumulate trees from Better Globe you take part in a socially responsible and sustainable profit sharing program where revenue is generated through different tree species, the most important being Melia volkensii (Mukau) and Moringa Oleifera (Moringa). Visit “About” in the menu to learn how revenue and profits are generated.
The greenest way you can earn a profit
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